Like many wineries, eager for discovering something new, since 2007 we have been experimenting ways to age wine without using oak barrels.

The aging of a wine consists on exposing the appropriate wine to an oxidation and reduction process. In the past, there have been several intents to age wine with other methods, like exposing it to solar radiation in glass containers and temperature changes between day and night for several months, or the classic aging in bottles for several years, or hydrolysis, the most advanced technique experienced until now. Our goal is to replace the classic ways to age wine using natural means, but without the need to cut beautiful and old oak trees to produce wood barrels, which besides being expensive need to be substituted every two years.

Our final objective is to provide the adequate aging to the wine we produce taking advantage of the submarine world, understanding the added value that implies the use of this original method with its difficulties and risks. We have engaged in a partnership with the scuba diving club L a Cueva Bonita , to create a submarine winery in the bottom of the sea and blend together the world of wine and the undersea.

We initiated this experience with 500 bottles of red wine, dry white wine and sweet white wine, for a total of 1500 bottles that rest on the bottom of the seas of La Palma . To examine the changes that this wine undergoes with time under these conditions, we also stored 500 control bottles in our winery.

Every three months, we conduct analytical procedures to evaluate the quality and characteristics of this product. For now, we prefer not to reveal our results to avoid influencing our future customers, giving this project the appropriate time to mature.



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